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Hi, I'm Aimee

Mompreneur~Inspirational Speaker~Social Worker~ Author

How I Got Here

More About Aimee Hoch

For years I have served others in both my social work practice and my amazing family. As a woman and mom my vision for myself often took a backseat.  My work with others has always been grounded in self care, empowerment, and helping others to find the tools and strategies to create their best life.  A few years ago I realized I was enjoying my life but felt I was sitting in the passenger seat.   Starting a business awakened my dreams and purpose to hop back in the driver seat and create a life and work I am passionate about. I believe that people’s stories and vulnerabilities are their strength and when they find the courage to share their message and find their purpose, they become an unstoppable force. This journey has lead me to inspire other women, business owners, mompreneurs to live their best life and together, make a bigger impact in the world.

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"Tell me what it is that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
Mary Oliver

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Saying No: Giving Voice to Personal Boundaries

an article I recently wrote for U Magazine

Fall/Winter 2018

Most people think of self-care as taking time for ourselves--indulging in a massage, exercising, eating well, enjoying alone time or simply taking the time to read our favorite book. Self-care is all of those things. It is about saying yes to things that are good for us. But it is also about the things that we say no to. It is about protecting our time, energy, and well-being and creating healthy boundaries for ourselves."


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